Don’t panic it's organic!

Cannacoffee™ is certified by soil association, both our coffee and hemp are organic

no pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers 

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available in biodegradable capsules, ground & whole bean


GROWN in the south of brazil AT AROUND 1300 FEET, a region well known for its tasting profiles such as milk chocolate, almond, praline and orange


finding the optimum timings and temperature when roasting is a fine art. iT'S WITHIN THIS PROCESS THAT the quality OF our coffee beans CAN EXPRESS their true characteristics and flavours. we roast right here in the u.k


this is where the magic happens! we infuse our organic arabica coffee with our organic hemp seed oil creating our signature sweet, smooth & nutty flavour

grinding & packaging

After a good grind to optimise the aromas of our cannacoffee we then package with some TLC and ship straight to you!

cannacoffee™ capsules are compatible with original Nespresso®* brand coffee machines, Not compatible with Nespresso Vertuo machines

If you have any questions about cannacoffee™ capsules and compatibility with your machine, please send an email to

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